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Project Visa


Project Visa may be granted to Chinese / foreign nationals coming to India for execution of projects in the power and steel sectors, subject to the following conditions:

1. Project visa will be issued only to highly skilled / skilled persons and not to semi-skilled/un-skilled workers.

2. A Project Visa holder cannot engage in another project either of the same company or of a different company.

3. Employment / Work of the Project visa holder would be restricted to the location of the project.

4. Validity of visa would be initially for the duration of the project/contract with multiple-entry facility. It cannot exceed one year.

5. A person coming for Project Visa cannot take employment in the same Indian company for a period of two years from the date of commissioning of the project.

6. Project Visa would be issued based on the submission of the relevant documents clearly establishing that the project / contract has been assigned to the particular foreign company by the Indian company / organization concerned.

7. Project Visa can be issued to 2 chefs and 2 interpreters per project.

8. Indian company engaging the foreign national for executing the project / contract would be responsible for the conduct of the foreign national during his / her stay in India and also for the departure of such foreign national upon expiry of visa.

9. Project Visa holder would have to register with the FRO/FRRO concerned within 14 days of arrival if the validity of visa is more than 180 days.

Sector Specific Ceilings on the Maximum number of Project Visas allowed for each project in Steel and Power Sectors:

A. Power

No. of Units

No. of permissible foreign personnel in case of BTG Project

No. of permissible foreign personnel in case of EPC Project

**Additional personnel in case FGD is also sourced from foreign OEM

2 Units of 660 MW & above (considered as 1 project)

50-70 (on case to case basis)

76-125 (on case to case basis)


2 + 1 additional unit




2 + 2 additional units




2 + 3 additional units




2 + 4 additional units




**In case, Flue Gas Desulphurization System (FGD) is also sourced from a foreign supplier, there is provision for additional number of foreign personnel as indicated above.

* For additional units to qualify as a separate project at the same location, there should be a gap of minimum one year in the date of award of contract between two such projects

B. Steel Sector

Green Field Projects: 10% of the total skilled manpower deployed per mln tonne capacity or 300, whichever is lower

Brownfield Projects: 5% of the total skilled manpower deployed per mln tonne capacity or 150, whichever is lower

Total Manpower requirements of the project should be determined at the stage of conceptualization of the project by the sponsoring authority with a flow-chart.

For the purpose of determining the capacity of the Unit, it would be the approved capacity as certified by the Ministry concerned of the Government of India in respect of PSUs. In respect of private sector steel units, the basis of capacity may be as per the financial disclosure statement of a Scheduled Bank or RBI-approved NBFC duly authenticated and certified.

Documents required

1. Letter (original / fax) from the Indian Company awarding the contract to the foreign company specifying the following details:

i. Name of the foreign Company
ii. Registered address of the foreign company
iii. Name of the project awarded as per the tender document
iv. Location of the project in India (village/town/district/state)
v. Duration of the contract (number of days)
vi. Total number of foreign workers likely to be sent by the foreign company (category wise)

a) Highly skilled
b) Skilled technicians with diploma/polytechnic degree
c) Skilled workers with school level education

2. Letter (original / fax) from the Indian company addressed to the Indian Mission explicitly stating that:

i. It guarantees the conduct of the foreign company and the foreign personnel involved in the execution of the project/contract.
ii. It would be responsible for ensuring that the applicant (name of the applicant, passport number and date of birth shall be mentioned) will abide by Indian rules and regulations.
iii. It will be liable to ensure departure of the applicant from India upon expiry of Visa.

3. Three sets of duly filled application forms. Each application should have one photograph pasted on it and one photograph attached to it.

4. Letter from the foreign employer providing brief description of the nature of its project in India and a brief description of the job which the applicant is required to perform in India.

5. CV of the applicant.

6. Documentary proof of the educational qualification.

7. Professional expertise certificate

8. Registration certificate of the employing company under the Companies Act / Proof of registration of the firm in the State industries department or the Export Promotion Council.

9. No-Criminal record certificate issued by the PSB/Police and duly attested by Notary.

10. Duly filled in Reference Sheet (soft copy to be sent in Word format by email at visa@indianembassy.org.cn).


1. Project visa is issued only after approval from concerned authorities in India, the processing of which may take 45-50 days.

2. Fax Number of Visa Section: 0086-10-8531 2565


All visa applications submitted at the Indian Visa Application Centre [i.e. by the ordinary passport holders] and at the Embassy [i.e. by Diplomatic, Official and Public Affairs Passport holders] are only accepted in the online form. Online application form can be accessed at the following link:

Online Visa Application

For information regarding Online Visa Application click here.

Information regarding Online Visa Application is also available at the website of India Visa Application Center, Beijing - www.blsindia-china.com.

Note: It is a mandatory requirement to ensure that applicant’s photo is 2 inch x 2 inch (51 mm x 51 mm) in size with white background. Photos which do not meet this specification will not be accepted. The Indian Visa Application Centre also have a photo booth facility (on payment basis) meeting these standards for applicants choosing to submit their application in person.


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