Celebrations of 3rd IDY - June 2017 Film (F) Visa

Film (F) Visa

For foreign nationals coming for filming of a feature film/ reality TV show and/ or commercial TV serials.

(1) A foreign team may be allowed to film a feature film, wholly or partially, subject to the following conditions:-

(a) Four copies of the detailed filming script in case of feature film and detailed concept in case of TV show/ TV serials, details of visiting film crew and location of film shooting shall be submitted by the foreign team to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for scrutiny and clearance. Copies can either be forwarded directly or through an Indian Mission abroad. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, New Delhi may levy a fee for scrutiny of the application.

(b) The film has to be shot according to the script, as approved by the Government of India. In case any material deviation is considered necessary, prior permission of the Government of India has to be obtained by the foreign team.

(c) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will attach a liaison officer to the foreign team to assist them in the shooting, wherever it is felt necessary to do so by the Script Evaluator. He/ she will stay and travel with the team. The actual expenses on the boarding, lodging and travel of the liaison officer, in connection with the shooting of the film, will be met by the Government of India as admissible under rules.

(d) The shooting of the film must be done in the presence of the liaison officer (where liaison officer has been attached on the recommendation of the Script Evaluator) who will, as part of his/ her duties, ensure that nothing detrimental to the image of India or the Indian people will be shot or included in the film. Should a disagreement arise in this respect, the matter shall be referred to the Ministry of Information and broadcasting whose decision shall be final.

(e) The foreign team must show the complete film to a representative of the Government of India, in India or abroad (i.e. an Indian Mission abroad), before its actual release anywhere in the world after the film has been recommended by the expert who has scrutinized the script and certified that the film has nothing objectionable from the point of view of presentation of a correct and balanced image of the topic/ country covered. In case the foreign team desires to show the film to an Indian Mission abroad, the name of the Mission must be specified by the foreign team in advance. No portion of the film should be shown in the open forum without prior approval of the Government of India.

(f) Local permission, wherever required, must be obtained by the filming team from the local authorities. The list of equipment to be temporarily imported in connection with the shooting is required to be submitted to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, in advance, who will issue recommendations to the Customs authorities to exempt such temporary import from Customs Duty.

(g) If the film is a joint venture (Indo-foreign collaboration), the detailed agreement between the Indian and foreign party shall be furnished to the Government of India for specific clearance.

(h) After the shooting is completed in India, a report giving the details of actual shots taken shall be provided, in duplicate, to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting by the Liaison Officer, in cases where a Liaison Officer has been attached with the filming unit.

(i) An undertaking (in the form given in Appendix. II) will be required to be given to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in case any assistance is sought from any Ministry of Government of India or from any State Government/ UT. Separate agreements, as stipulated by these Ministries will, however, have to be signed with them by the foreign team.

(2) The maximum number of crew for a specific film being shot by an international production company that can be allowed under this visa regime will be 125, unless the project is of such scale that it necessitates the presence of a larger international crew in India which will be allowed on case to case basis. A list of designations of the cast and crew that normally constitute part of a film shoot is at Appendix. III. The Production Company requesting for issuance of such visas may be permitted to submit the visa applications in batches depending upon schedules and requirements instead of submission of complete list of crew.

(3) The international cast and crew coming to India on a Film Visa for the film shoot shall be employed by the Foreign Company seeking permission to shoot the film in India and the company shall take the responsibility for the cast and crew coming to India for filming. The foreigners coming on Film Visa will have to register himself/ herself with the FRRO/ FRO concerned irrespective of the duration of the Film Visa/ stay of the foreigner in India.

(4) The foreigners being given the Film Visa may need to demonstrate that they have adequate means to support themselves in India and may need to demonstrate that they have incentive to return to their place of residence when the said Visa expires.

Note : (1) Foreigners being given Film Visa should refrain from commenting on any issues relating to insurgency (if any) in the areas, participating in missionary activities, meeting banned outfits or its over ground/ underground functionaries.

(5) The foreigners should strictly adhere to the norms and regulations of foreigner’s guidelines during their stay in the country and visit only the areas permitted for their visit. They should not visit any restricted/ protected area or prohibited place without prior permission of the competent authority.

(3) Money transaction for shooting of film should be done as per RBI guidelines.

(4) No tacit agreement should be made by any foreigner (on Film, Journalist/business/employment visa or otherwise) to engage or open Indian company, registered under ROC or NGOs to involve in film/documentary making, which is not in accordance with national interest. 

Documents required

  • Approval of Information and Broadcasting ministry for shooting the film.
  • Additional information to be provided :  
     (i)  Type of production   
    1. Feature Film
    2. Reality TV
    3. Commercial TV serial

(ii)  Complete address of shooting location 
(iii) Phone/Fax
(iv) Email

  • Other information/documents- As indicated in the check list