New Passport / Reissue (after 10 years) Passport and Related services

New Passport / Reissue (after 10 years)

Issuance of a New Passport / Reissue (after 10 years)

 A passport is issued for a period of 10 years. A new passport is required to be obtained after expiry of validity of the current passport or if the pages in the Passport are getting exhausted.

Application for a new passport is required to be submitted at least two months before the date of expiry of the current passport to facilitate processing of the application and issue of new passport in time.

Following documents/papers are required to be submitted: 

  •  Application form

Indian citizens are advised to register online for a New/Reissue/Replacement for lost/damaged passports at and submit the print-out at the Consulate after completing the unprinted portions of the application by hand, required number of photographs (one pasted on the application) along with the requisite documents and fees. 

  • Original passport, current passport and additional booklets, if any along with photocopies of first page, last page and the valid  Resident Permit/Visa page
  • Four recent colored (with white back ground) passport size photographs (5cm*5cm)
  • Documentary proof of any change required in the information entered in passport (except change of date of birth)
  • Additional form to be filled Download Passport Particulars Form.
  • Fee:

    Fresh/Reissue of Passport (36 pages) - RMB 492.00

    Fresh/Reissue of Passport (60 pages) - RMB 651.00

    Minor - RMB 333


  • After filling-up the application online, a submission-date is generated. The completed application may be submitted at the Consulate’s counter on any working day between 09.30 to 12.00 hours ignoring the submission-date generated by the online system. No Prior appointment is required
  •  Applicants may sometimes face difficulty in accessing the online application format due to technical reasons. In such circumstances, it is advisable to try after a while.  Applicants are also advised to use computers with latest version software operating systems.
  • Applicants may please note that New Passport booklets are printed in India (Delhi).  Applicants are intimated through e-mail ( on arrival of their passports from India.
  • Application has to come in person to submit the passport form, exceptions are made only in case Minors