Celebrations of 3rd IDY - June 2017 Entry Visa

Entry Visa

The following categories of persons are eligible for grant of Entry Visa:

  1. A person of Indian Origin who does not possess an OCI Card
  2. Spouse and children of an Indian citizen/ person of Indian Origin/ OCI card holder.
  3. Foreign nationals coming to join Auroville foundation/ Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry/ Missionaries of Charity, Kolkata/ foreign Buddhist Monks coming to join Buddhist Monasteries/ other Buddhist organization for charity work.
  4. Foreign nationals who own property in India.
  5. Participants in international sports event.

The following documents, in addition to the Visa application form, are required to apply for visa under this category:

  1. Copy of passport.
  2. Copy of the national ID card-both sides (Not required for non-Chinese citizens).
  3. Letter from the Indian national with full contact details (name, telephone number, email), copy of passport and details of parentage as applicable.
  4. Copy of Marriage/Birth Certificate (for category 1&2 of above).
  5. Invitation letter from India from the Indian organization (For category 3&5 of above).
  6. Copy of the air ticket (either blocked or confirmed).
  7. Dispatch letter from the organization of applicant (For 3&5 of above). 

Applications for entry visa are required to be submitted atleast 8 weeks prior to date of travel.